go green - go nuclear  


This project has been started with our affiliate company „PROMA CONSULT AG“ having the corresponding national and international background, know how and experience in nuclear power developments and operations.

The objectives of PROMATOM are:

  1. To inform the public on nuclear technology on the basis of science, social and industrial needs, evidence and technological developments with the aim of achieving more public understanding and acceptance of nuclear power.
  2. To assure long operational life-times of the existing nuclear power plants and to promote all what is needed to maintain and improve the operation of these power plants.
  3. To find and evaluate possible alternatives and final solutions for decommissioning the plants and for reducing and disposing of nuclear wastes.
  4. To promote and take share in the development and application of the new generation of nuclear reactors




As an alternative to project-oriented partner companies such as the operating companies of Gösgen and Leibstadt socalled „Electrotrusts“ can been formed which are companies able to handle larger undertakings in the electricity sector going far beyond the financial and technical possibilities of individual companies. The best known examples of such Electrotrusts in the past have been Motor Columbus and Electrowatt both sponsored and supported by large swiss banks. It is the intention of the founders of ARGOVIA ENERGIE AG to aim for a structure similar to an „Electrotrust“  however with a large share of private and industrial involvement and capital.

The organisation of the still existing swiss nuclear power plants in the national power supply system could be constructed in a similar way as „Swissgrid“ i.e. a national company for all existing nucear power plants however with the main difference that it will not be a full public company but a „Public Private Partnership“ (PPP)-company with an adequate vote for the utilities but also for the local industry and the local population.

See our proposal for organising the swiss nuclear assets... (please contact us)